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Ezperanza Rising
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Book Review

Reviewed by Jenna L. Haub

Ezperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan

Published by Scholastic, 2000


bulletThis is an accurate look into a different lifestyle, it is well written and uses descriptive, colorful language
bulletThe Characters can be related to and evoke a great deal of emotion. by the end of the book i felt like i was apart of the story.
bulletI loved the relationships between the characters in the story and the emotional needs that were meant
bulletEzperanza deals with a tremendous loss in her family instead of celebrating a beautiful day. Her, her mother, and some very close friends of the family have to flee there home because of a wicked uncle, and the end up in the immigrant work farms of southern California. The story tells of love, loyalty and growing up in difficult circumstances.
bullet3rd-6th grade