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A Book of Poems
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Book Review

Reviewed by Theresa D'Ambrosio

School Supplies: A Book of Poems

Selected by Lee Bennett Hopkins

Illustrated by Renee Flower

Published by Simon & Schuster, 1996

bulletI thought this book was excellent. The poems were very well written. They were humorous and very enjoyable. The illustrations were also very well done. They were large, bright, and colorful.
bulletThe author of this book takes a wide variety of poems about school supplies including pencils, paper clips, books, erasers, as well as others and puts them all together into one book.
bulletThis book would be excellent for elementary age children. Because the poems are all about school supplies, they could definitely be read in the classroom, but they could be read at home as well. Children will love the creative personifications of the objects.
bulletI would definitely recommend this book to elementary school students. It encourages language development and helps the child enjoy poetry. Children love it because the poems are funny and are about things that children recognize and can understand. I think that this is a book that every elementary school teacher should have.
bulletAvailable from Amazon Books