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Jonah's Trash God's Treasure
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Book Review

Reviewed by: Rachel Morrison

Jonah's Trash ... God's Treasure by Joel Anderson

Illustrators: Joel Anderson and Abe Goolsby

Published by Tommy Nelson Incorporated, June 1998

bulletAge level: 3_12
bulletThis book is the tale of Jonah and the big fish like you've never heard it before. Mr. Anderson very accurately tells the story of Jonah in rhyme. 
bulletThis book teaches that "One man's junk is another man's treasure!" The illustrations in this book are like no other. Various pieces of trash make up the pictures. There are creative "Trash and Treasure Hunts" on every page that allow the children to search for items in the picture. Children will not fall asleep reading this book, as they will be actively searching the pictures. This book could be read aloud in class, however it would loose some of its effect if the children were unable to see the pictures.  Therefore, it is better read individually or to a small group. This book would be great for slow readers, as there are not very many words on each page. Jonah's Trash ... God's Treasure is a great book to use in Christian schools, Sunday School classes, and for at home reading.
bulletAvailable from Barnes and Noble.