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Memories of Anne Frank
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Book Review

Reviewed by: Rebekah Danylak

Memories of Anne Frank - Reflections of a Childhood Friend

by Alison Leslie Gold

Publisher: Scholastic Press

bulletIt is available in hardcover.
bulletAge level: 4th grade
bulletThis book deals with the Holocaust and is a true story. It is sad at points, but a reminder of what really happened to all who read it. Children at this recommended age level can understand and sympathize with the realties in this book. It is written so that it can both be read out loud to a class and read individually by a student. Preferably, it should be read out loud to a class so that the teacher can discuss certain issues over with the children. The book is written so that each chapter leads right into the next, making it difficult to put it down at times. The vocabulary is not too hard to comprehend and the story line is easy to follow. This book tells the story of Hannah Elisabeth Pick-Goslar, Anne Frank=s friend, who tells Anne=s story from a different point of view and who shares about an amazing friendship.
bulletAvailable from Barnes and Noble