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Miss Nelson is Back
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Book Review

Reviewed by Elijah Platchek

Miss Nelson Is Back by Harry Allard

Illustrated by James Marshall

Published by the Houghton Mifflin Co.

bulletIt is available in paperback
bulletAge Level Reading: Grades 2- 3
bulletThe actual book itself is a very fun book to read. This book is about a very nice teacher who happens to be sick one day and her class is warned about the nasty substitute teacher who covers for Miss Nelson. The other kids on the playground are the ones who mention the new teacher to the students.  The student sub was then the boring principle of the school and the students decide that three days of him was enough. When the students came in dressed like Miss Nelson the principal left and the students did too. They had a lot of fun at the movies and so on. Then the sub came in when the principle found out that Miss Nelson was not in the class, and it was Viola Swamp. The students sat down in fear then she left and the next day Miss Nelson was back and the students were so happy. It turns out Viola Swamp was Miss Nelson in disguise but the students don't know that. 
bulletAvailable from Barnes and Noble.