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Miss Spider
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Book Review

Reviewed by Laura Pullaro

Miss Spider's Tea Party by David Kirk

Illustrated by David Kirk

Published by Scholastic Books, March 1997

bulletAge Level:  1st to 3rd grade
bulletMiss Spider's Tea Party is about a lonely spider who would love to have her friends over for a tea party.  Unfortunately she is an infamous spider that nobody would ever dare to cove near.  Until one day Miss Spider befriends a rain-soaked moth, and her good deed is hear all throughout the insect world.
bulletDavid Kirk tells this take with unique word play.  This book is great for introducing rhyming or even discrimination.  After reading this, children will be able to connect their prejudices with Miss Spider and understand that just because somebody is different, doesn't mean that they are bad. 
bulletSuperb illustrations
bulletThere are some harder words that some children will have a hard time pronouncing and understanding.  It is good to note that there is not questionable content.
bulletAvailable from Barnes and Nobel.