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Number the Stars
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Book Review


Reviewed by Abi Nettleton

Number the Stars by Louis Lowry

Published by Bantom Doubleday

bulletIn the book Number The Stars the evacuation of Jews from Nazi-held Denmark is one the great untold stories of World War II. In this book Louis Lowry fictionalizes a true-story account to bring to life this courageous family of Annemarie Johannesen. The Johannesenís round up and smuggle Annemarieís best friend Ellen Rosen and her family out of the country. In this book the Annemaries parents take in Ellen as their pretend daughter that she is part of their family. This book shows the braveness and courage in a young girl who helps shelter her Jewish friend from the Nazis. The book was very interesting in that it gave a good perspective what might have really happened to a family during World War II. It helps children put in to perspective the ideas that they have been taught and put then into real life situations.
bulletAvailable from Barnes and Noble