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Out of the Dust
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Book Review


Reviewed by: Lisa Ruff

Out of the Dust

Karen Hesse

A Newbery Medal

Scholastic Books

bulletGrade level:5th-8th
bulletThis is about a girl named Billie Joe who lives on the farm with her family. They are facing a drought which is hindering their crops to grow therefore limiting their money. They all keep praying for rain and Billie Joe=s father is trying to be optimistic and looking for hope. There is a time when rain comes but it turns out to be a hard rain that washes the plants away and the dust of the field blows through making it a horrible rain. Through the terrible times, the family reaches out toward each other to find strength. Billie Joe who loves to play the piano and places some peace in her family=s heart when her mother at first thought it was a waste of time.
bulletThis was an excellent book with the value of family and sacrifice. It gives a sense of pride with the family and perseverance.
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