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Roll of Thunder
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Book Review


Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry

Mildred D. Taylor

Puffin Books

Reviewed by: Joel Gaines

bulletIt=s available in paperback
bulletThis book is about a little girl named Cassie and her struggle with racism. Throughout the story people try to do everything they can to get her family off their land which is the very thing that is keeping them together. Their strength and courage is found in fighting for their rights and their self worth. The plot was excellent and the character were developed in a way people can relate. I relate to the father and his ability to stay strong for the sake of the family and his land. The ideal age for this book is 10 years old and up so children can understand exactly what is going on. This should be read aloud for children to discuss the problems that are found within. It addressees belonging, self esteem and aesthetics.
bulletAvailable from Amazon Books