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Sarah Plain and Tall
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Book Review


Reviewed by Abi Nettleton

Sarah, Plain and Tall

Published by The Trumpet Club

bulletThis book takes place in the late 19th century where a widowed mid-western farmer with two children-Anna and Caleb—advertises for a wife. (Funny, a mail ordered wife)
bulletSarah arrives but she gets homesick from Maine, especially for the Ocean which she misses greatly. The children come to really love her and fear she will not stay, and one day when she goes off to town alone, young Caleb, whose mother died during childbirth, is stricken with fear that she has gone for good. But she returns with colored pencils to draw for them the beauty of Main, and to explain that, though she misses her home, "the truth is that I would miss you more." This book gently explores many themes of abandonment, loss and love. I liked this book because it really was a love story that the reader is able to watch but the love story is so special in that it is nothing physical just good true love that really matters. Too many books today don’t show real true love. This book cannot fail to touch its readers.
bulletAvailable from Barnes and Noble