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Snowflake Bentley
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Book Review

Reviewed by Jason Owens

SnowFlake Bentley by Jacqueline Briggs Martin

Illustrated by Mary Azarian

Published by Scholastic Inc., September 1998



Hard cover


Age Level : 1st -2nd Grade

bulletIt is always hard to someone’s life and their goals up in a book. It is especially hard to make it fun, interesting and educational for children. SnowFlake Bentley does exactly this. This book brings out his childhood dream to learn more about snowflakes and then photograph them. It shows the struggle and perseverance in his life to reach his dream. He never gives up. The plot is very easy to follow. There is a sense of attachment to Bentley as he continues to photograph the snowflakes through the difficulties that he faces. This book could be read by slower readers. There are not a lot of big or complicated words. One neat thing is the information given on the sides of the pages. The additional information is not necessary for the story line, but it builds more of a knowledge base regarding Bentley and snowflakes. I suggest reading this book aloud in class.
bulletThe children will love the illustrations just as much as the people who gave Snow Flake Bentley the Caldecott Medal. There is no objectionable content. It is a fun and interesting book that will inspire a child.
bulletAvailable through Barnes and Noble.