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The Fair Weather Friends
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Book Review

Reviewed by: Ann D=Ambrosio

The Fair-Weather Friends

By Stephen Roos

Published by Troll Associates

Illustrated by Dee deRosa

bulletIt is available in paperback.
bulletThis book was excellent. It would be appropriate for fourth or fifth grade level. This book is about two friends who only see each other during the summer and one summer when they are together, they realize that they are different and they aren=t as close friends as they used to be. They both have different outlooks on certain subjects and their hobbies have changed and they don=t have as much in common as they used to have. One friend, Phoebe, thinks she is more grown-up than Kit, and thinks Kit is childish. They plan revenge on each other, but realize they are just humiliating each other, so they decide to just sit down and decide what kind of friends they are. They decide whether or not they are Afair-weather friends@ who are friends only when times are good.
bulletThis is an excellent book for kids because they can probably relate to this. Throughout school, some kids are best friends with someone one year and they next year they hardly talk to them anymore. Kids can relate to whether they are Afair-weather friends@ with someone or if the friendship can survive the changes in each other=s lives. This is an excellent book for children to read about friendship and how even though two friends may change, they can still be friends, just a different kind. I would highly recommend this book.