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The Little Lamb
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Book Review

Review by Katy Spencer

The Little Lamb by Judy Dunn 

Published by Random House Books for Young Readers,  January  1978

bulletThe Little Lamb, by Judy Dunn is a wonderful book for kids. The pictures are actual photographs of a girl and a lamb, who are the main characters in the story. Emmy, a young girl, is given the opportunity to be the foster mother to a little lamb named Timothy who can't fend for his own way in the flock yet. Emily and Timothy get into a little bit of mischief together, but they also have a lot of fun! Eventually though the time has to come when Timothy will go back to the farm and be with the other sheep again. This book is about friendship and also about saying goodbye. The photographs are great and kids will be genuinely interested in the plot and characters of this book.
bulletAvailable from Barnes and Noble