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The Ordinary Prince
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Book Review

Review by Christina Hoosier

The Ordinary Princess by M. M. Kaye

Published by Simon & Schuster, Inc.

bulletThis book can be bought in paperback.
bulletThis book would be appropriate for grades 4 through 7.
bulletThis book is about Amy, a princess who is not like any other princess. Other princesses have gold hair, blue eyes, and perfect complexions, but Amy has brown hair, gray eyes, and freckles. People marry her older sisters, but no one wants Amy. She finally runs away and becomes a kitchen maid in the neighboring kingdom. And there she meets Peregrine, who is really the king of that country, and they fall in love. She returns home, and Peregrine asks for her hand in marriage.
bulletI would recommend this book to any one that enjoyed fairy tales. It was enjoyable to me because people are not drop dead gorgeous, and it puts a different twist on the traditional thoughts of princesses. There was nothing objectionable in this book to my mind. There was a little magic, so people who do not like that, should avoid this book. In my estimation, this is an excellent book.