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The Outsider
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Book Review

The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton

Review by Jamie Sheffer

bulletIt is available in paperback
bulletAge Level:  middle school
bulletThis book is about the life of a boy and what he goes through.  The book takes you for a twist at the end.  It shows you what it is really like to have loyal friends and how one feels when something bad happens to them.  It is definitely a book that makes you think.  it not only makes you think about what it means to be loyal, but what you would do in a certain situation.  It lets you put things in order and wee if you are selfish or if you would put your life in danger to help strangers.  
bulletThis book is good for middle schoolers because it would help them to put things in priority and see what really is important.  
bulletAvailable from Amazon Books