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The Secret Garden
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Book Review

Reviewed by Abi Nettleton

The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Published by Dell Publishing Company

bulletAn orphaned Mary Lennox is spoiled, sickly, and certain she won’t enjoy living at her uncle’s estate. Mary’s imagination runs wild when she finds a locked up garden that once belonged to her aunt that died about 10 years earlier. Mary changes the garden to beauty and also not realizing but changes herself. She keeps the garden her biggest secret. As she plants new life into the earth her sour personality begins to sweeten. There is though another secret that Mary soon discovers. Away from the rest of the house lies her young cousin Colin who believes he is an incurable invalid destined to die young. He has tantrums that are so frightful, that no one can reason with him. Mary just hopes that maybe she could get Colin to love the secret garden as much as she does because just as it worked magic on her it could do the same on him. This book is full of beauty and power and is just an excellent book for anyone who has even felt afraid to live and love. The Secret Garden portrays the reawakening of spirits because the characters are portrayed so strong and distinct that even readers can continue to identify with them 85 years later.
bulletAvailable from Barnes and Noble.