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The Tale of Three Trees
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Book Review

Review by Beki Barber

The Tale of Three Trees by Angela Elwell Hunt

Illustrated by Tim Jonke

Published by  Lion Publishing


bulletGrade Level Good for all ages
bulletReading level 2-3
bulletSummary Three little trees dream of what they want to do when they grow up.
bulletWhen the woodcutters come, they think their dreams will never come true.  As the story unfolds however, they discover God had better plans for them!
bulletAll ages enjoy this traditional folktale. The pages are beautifully illustrated, bringing each scene to life. The message is very clear: God has a plan for your life. This book encourages the reader to trust in God's will even when things do not seem to work out as desired.
bulletAnother great aspect to the story is the presentation of the gospel. A little tree is present at the nativity, a miracle, and the crucifixion. The book culminates at the resurrection. Thus, it can be used for devotional purposes.
bulletI really enjoyed this book. I think it is an excellent story that everyone should own.
bulletAvailable from Barnes and Noble