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Up Country
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Book Review

Up Country by Alden R. Carter

Review by Patricia Rahn

bulletUp Country is one of the 100 "Best of the Best" by the American Library Association for Young Adults of the Last 25 Years.
bulletThe main character, Carl, a high school student, is and isn't your normal high school student.
bulletWithin the first chapter we learn he makes all A's and he likes electronics.  We also learn he lives in the basement, fixes stolen stereos, and has the normal teenage problems as well as the problems of living with an alcoholic mother.  One of the first things he does is to bail his mother out of jail for disorderly conduct and assaulting a policeman.  The "perfect" life he has arranged for himself shatters when the State forces him first into a foster home and then into living with little known relatives on a farm.
bulletThe book is an excellent view of how well meaning adults can help.
bulletAvailable from Amazon Books