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You are Special
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Book Review

Reviewed by Heather Hornickel

You Are Special by Max Lucado

Illustrator: Sergio Martinez

Published by Scholastic Inc.,  May, 1997



It is available in paperback


Age level: 2rd grade


I think that the content is appropriate for this age because they can relate to the character in the book, which cares what other people think of him. Only the characters are not people, they are wooden dolls called Wemmicks and they were carved by the craftsman named Eli. The Wemmicks spent their days roaming the village, and putting stickers on other Wemmicks: gold stickers and gray dots. Of course the gold stickers were the better ones, for the pretty Wemmicks got these ones. The imperfect Wemmicks received dots. Punchinello is a Wemmick who only got dots, until one day he met Lucia, who didnít have any stickers. She told him that Eli had taken them away, and she advised him to go and visit him. Punchinello went and visited Eli, who reminded him that it does not matter what others think of him, all that matters is what his maker thinks. Eli said that the stickers only stuck if he let them, and that he is special because Eli made him. It is a good reminder to children of this age group that they are specially and uniquely made by their creator. Lucado did not use many large words, although the children may struggle with names. It is a good book to read aloud to a class, especially after lunch or a physical activity. They will be interested in it. There is no objectionable content in this book, making it suitable for small children. It can be applied religiously, but the theme is that each person is special, which is good for all people to think. Martinez also has created some beautiful illustrations in this book. It appears to be a book for children; however I think it people of all ages will love it.


Available from Barnes and Noble.